The Junior Chamber has made a major impact in my life by providing a way to give back to the community with other young professionals. In addition, the NJC has been a great place to establish a network of both professional relationships as well as friendships that I hope lasts for years to come.
— - Christopher A. Lee

Unlike other groups, NJC strikes the right balance between networking and professional development. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being able to strengthen my marketing skills through various leadership positions in the organization.
— Kelly Brackett

As a Nashville native, I had grown accustomed to staying in the same friend groups and bubbles. The Nashville Junior Chamber allowed me to branch out, make new friends, and network with like-minded young professionals. I wouldn’t change my experience at all!
— Zachary Brickner

I joined to network for my career and social life, and I’ve never regretted that decision. I can thank the NJC network for my current job and for providing lots of leadership opportunities I might not have found anywhere else. Being a member has been one of the most rewarding parts of my adult life!
— Linda Claire Guttery

NJC is well represented in a variety of industries and having an impact on my city was an unseen benefit but one that I value greatly! Through NJC I have created new friendships, as well as career opportunities, which are priceless.
— Sarah Willard

I was pleasantly surprised on the many opportunities that NJC provided for me to interact with civic and charitable organizations in the Metro community. It also provided me with a community of young professionals that strove to improve their careers and that passionately focused on making a positive impact on Nashville.
— Julia Mefford

I was able to get exposure to young professionals like me from all different industries and backgrounds. Some have been valuable for professional reasons, however, it is the quality friends that I have made that keep me involved year after year. If you’re new to Nashville and looking to get connected, the Junior Chamber is a good place to start.
— Mark Silvestro