Pitch Nashville 2019

Healthcare has grown to be as integral to Nashville as its namesake music industry. For our city to grow, improve, and prosper, healthcare will be involved on multiple dimensions.

As an applicant to the 4th annual Pitch Nashville, you are tasked with creating a comprehensive plan to address an issue you find worthy regarding the healthcare system/industry as it pertains to Nashville and the nation as a whole. There is no limit to the size or scope of your solution. The use of supporting data and detail with the plan are encouraged. In addition to exposure, the winning pitch will win $2,500 to further their idea.

Applicants shall submit a brief overview in writing of their team (if applicable) and their proposal detailing the issue they plan to address and how / what they intend to go about doing in order to achieve their solution. The applicants may also submit a brief video to njcpitchcompetition@gmail.com (if desired), giving a rough overview of the team and the pitch idea. Upon review of the applications, the committee will notify the applicants if they have been accepted into the Pitch competition.

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All applications must be submitted by September 8th.

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