NJC 2019 Council Program


Introducing: The NJC Council Program

Inaugural 2019 Cohort Overview


Annual program of 6-8 person councils that meet monthly, with the purpose of having deeper conversations/relationships. Each group serves as a ‘council’ for each participating member of friends and advisors to serve as a monthly sounding board, and space to share experiences to process through challenges, goals, wins and losses.

Councils are dedicated to offering members 3 things:

  1. Meaningful relationships

  2. Personal growth, emotional intelligence, self-awareness

  3. Professional Tools and insights.

Commitment Requirements

  • A monthly 4 hour meeting with your council. Schedule is set by each council collectively.

  • Maintain Absolute confidentiality for anything shared in your council by other members. Any breach in confidentiality is immediate dismissal from the program.

  • One overnight mandatory retreat out of town; dates and length determined by each council.

  • One absence is allowed annually. After 2nd absence, the member is dismissed from the council program.  That member is only allowed back by unanimous, anonymous vote from the council they belong to.

  • Show up on time to all council meetings.

What you get

A personal council of friends and peers to share challenges, celebrate personal wins, and process through life as you grow personally and professionally. This is the kind of group you call and meet up with after a big promotion at work, or the group you can meet up with when the shit hits the fan in life.


$100 program fee, if accepted into the program. Payment is due by May 8th, or your spot will be released to another applicant.


March 26th Applications open to membership

April 17th Info session/Mock Council at FoxFuel Creative

(This is a chance to hear more details and participate in an abbreviated council meeting.)  Please RSVP.

April 26th Application window closes

April 29th Selection Night

May 1st Notification of Selection, Wait Listed, or Denied

May 9th Waitlisted Individuals may be notified of Acceptance

Late May Celebration/Welcome happy hour

June-July Councils are formed and begin meeting

July 2020 Council Program Renewal Opportunity

Typical Council Meeting Agenda Overview

  • Monthly updates from each council member

  • A planned presentation from a member on something important to them

  • An impromptu presentation on an issue that is urgent and important to one of the members

  • An exercise in personal development/communication/emotional intelligence

You are a great fit for the council program if…

  1. You desire to have deeper and more meaningful relationships with your friends.

  2. You approach life with the mindset that you can learn something from anyone you meet.

  3. You want to spend more quality time with others who want to help you process through life and hone your skills/meet your goals.

  4. You desire to generally be a more relatable, better person with active listening skills and a higher degree of emotional intelligence.