Pitch Nashville 2018

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In recent years, Nashville and the surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee have been growing at nearly 100 people per day, bringing a host of diversity, ideas, and challenges. To continue in its lively prosperity, Education has to be at the forefront, both for those that will represent Nashville's next generation of business and creative class and for those flocking to the city for the educational opportunities it affords.

As an applicant of the 3rd annual Pitch Nashville, you are tasked with creating a comprehensive plan to address issues of Education in the Middle Tennessee area. Applicants are free to address any issues related to Education (e.g., poor academic performance, teacher pay, technology in classrooms, expansive curriculum, etc.) and use any and all means of education solutions regardless of the size or scope of its nature. The use of supporting data and detail with the plan are encouraged.

Applicants shall submit a brief overview in writing of their team (if applicable) and their proposal detailing the issue they plan to address and how / what they intend to go about doing in order to achieve their solution. The applicants may also submit a brief video to njcpitchcompetition@gmail.com (if desired), giving a rough overview of the team and the pitch idea. Upon review of the applications, the committee will notify the applicants if they have been accepted into the Pitch competition.


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